“We want the customer to see the process of how the dish is made, to smell the smoke from the food, to experience coming home. A place for getting together with family.”

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A Taste of Vietnam

Sochi is introducing Chicagoans to a more traditional, yet elevated take on Vietnamese cuisine. It all comes down to the hidden details, the extra steps that people may not even notice, that make each dish special.

The egg rolls, for example, are wrapped in a special rice paper from Vietnam, not the wheat paper most people are used to seeing. The Southern-style pho features flatter, wider noodles, while the broth is cooked, then simmered perfectly the first time and served to order. Even the toppings deserve attention, as the bean sprouts are cut on each end, and sliced jalapeños are replaced with a homemade chili paste. 

From the Goi Vit Thanh Da (banana blossom duck salad) to the coffee flan, the flavors of each dish are inspired by wife-and-husband Chinh Pham and Son Do’s memories of growing up in Saigon. 

From Saigon with Love

Both Saigonese natives, Son and Chinh were high school sweethearts that decided to study business together in Singapore, and later, Australia. Although times were tough, with the couple forced to work multiple jobs, they found hope and love in food. They hoped that one day they would open their dream restaurant, and share their passion of food with others.

“We saw it was really meaningful, the work that can be done by both the husband and wife together.” 

Seeking a better life for their family, Son and Chinh immigrated to the United States. 

Vietnam Restaurant - Sochi Kitchen

Sochi Cake

The Birth of the Sochi Cake

While in Saigon. Son and Chinh developed their own sweet and savory cake called Sochi cake, taking on the original "Banh it" , a sweet rice cake wrapped in banana leaf. Combining their names, Son and Chinh began to sell the Sochi cake, and quickly became a local success. It was an early glimpse of their shared dream.

Sochi Cake - Vietnam Restaurant - Sochi Kitchen

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A Place for Food and Family

Today, Son and Chinh are living their dream. Sochi Saigonese Kitchen embodies their vision for true, authentic Vietnamese cuisine, offering food and drink that create fond memories.